About Me

Photographer Neal Ritchie captures images of his world; focusing on the people, events and landscapes of of his home town and beyond. 

All images copyright Neal Ritchie. All rights reserved. 

Why Explore Home?

ExploreHome Photography was set up to showcase the world i live in, the people I meet along the way and the amazing things we get up to together. Whether you see your home as as the bricks and mortar that shelter you, the family and friends that care for you, the society that nurtures you or the the planet that sustains you there are endless ways to enjoy, embrace and generally explore your home.

I am particularly passionate to exhibit the amazing events, people and landscapes that are right on our doorstep, no matter where in the world you live. Hopefully some of my images will inspire people to embrace their local community and environment. If you have the means to travel the world and witness that wonders on offer that's great, and will definitely form part of this project, but equally i hope to show that life can be just as rich when you walk out your front door and ExploreHome.

About Me

I am a thirty something Northern Irish man who has set out to capture the world I live one moment at a time. I am passionate about geography and photography and am attempting to convey this passion for the planet we live on and people we share it with. I am always looking for a new angle whether he is behind the lens or my outlook on the world. I see the world evolving and am trying to make my sense of that by documenting the moments and places that come together to make my life.

I had the pleasure to grow up in beautiful, coastal, rural Northern Ireland and study in the fast changing city of Belfast. I love both locations and have made some of the best, lifelong friends any man could ask for. 

I want to showcase how my home town , my city, my county, my island and my world as all have molded me into the man I am today and and will undoubtedly continue to do so into the man I will become.

Thanks for visiting my site. If I can help you in anyway all just give me a shout via the contact me page or using the social media link below. I'm more than happy to help with any queries and give a hand with any interesting projects.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Neal Ritchie